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Hello, slave.. you are in Mindy Land now... you live only to be My personal ATM machine & doormat. I exploit your fetishes for My profit and entertainment!
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About Me: I'm Princess Mindy, your Bo$$. I know you must feel sooo intimidated considering you're a submissive beta boy who has always admired Powerful, tall, exotic dominant hot Women like Me but you've largely been too pathetic to have ever got our attention - But now you have the chance to upgrade your laughable jerk off loser life and turn your attention to someone far greater than you - Me!

bratty femme domme princessbratty femme domme princess

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Im a BRATTY GODDESS BITCH who keeps men like doormats... one here, one there,step on it, wipe your feet on it throw IT out, replace it, repeat...

You love it, in fact you NEED to be My red carpet... well roll yourself out bitch because Im going to walk ALL over you!

bratty femme domme princess


The Terms:

I am your GODDESS, you are My puppy.

ALWAYS be respectful and put Me first!

NEVER be cheap and always use your wallet with your other efforts

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Financial training is the most amazing way to reprogram and rewire your tiny little pea brain. The financial training links start at a puny $2 and go all the way up to $95. Start anywhere in the links you like and you click and pay pay them over and over. What happens is you start to become more comfortable and more sexually excited and feel more useful as a slave with each paid Financial Training link. There is a rush and a buzz but, the best thing happens is if you pay a specific link too many times the rush goes away and you need to pick something higher to pay to get that rush and that buzz again. So addicting. You crave the buzz in the rush of repeatedly clicking and paying. It gets you off and it sends so many feel-good chemicals buzzing through your body.

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Serve Me Every Full Moon. *Highly Recommended*
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Grab your poppers or vodka, ingest a few times. Focus on My ass photo... Notice how the image is starting to mess with you - it seems to make you... weaker and weaker. You cannot resist Me!

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sorry but some of you are totally pathetic AF... if you're stupid, a loser, jerked off or had an orgasm you need to pay a tax for that... losers are always taxed! :)