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Female Supremacy Over White Bitch Boys

Now accepting application for new white slave boys to worship your black queen text YAHOO SKYPE MSN sightspeed, eyeball
I'm a professional Dominant based on Iong Island NY. I adore having slaves and submissives under My control, to use and abuse for My pleasure and gratification. I am a naturally stunning, intelligent, cultured, sophisticated, experienced and commanding sadist and I do not suffer fools gladly. I desire My slaves and submissives to be coherent, intelligent and articulate with a level of self-respect worthy of My attention. you must also understand your calling for subservience and be unreservedly willing to submit to the enthralling power of this Goddess. Prepare to prostrate yourself before My exquisite, long slender legs and freely surrender your mind, body and soul to My spellbinding power as you grovel, plead and beg with an earnest desire to please. Do not allow My towering slim stature or elegance fool you – My tongue can be razor sharp or as calming as a gentle breeze and My hands equally and deliciously cruel or tender as the occasion demands. you will find My control over you will be individually appropriate to your level of experience and constraints. I have long been aware of the power of the superior Feminine and will have you obediently eating out of My hand and begging for more in no time. you will acknowledge My control as I delightfully punish, dominate, tease, titillate, torment, chastise and toy with your inferior being in ways in which your senses, thoughts and emotions are heightened. I enjoy both the physical and cerebral aspects of domination and readily indulge in My power for My benefit. There is nothing more pleasing to Me than having an inferior slave or submissive surrendering his or her body and mind to Me and submitting totally to My delicious control. If you are given the privilege and honour of serving Me, you can rest assured that your time with Me will be a memorable one. I place a lot of thought in preparing My sessions to create the desired headspace for an entrancing experience. I will expand your limits. Be astute enough to realise that I am not here to provide you with a “service.” you are here to exclusively serve Me for My pleasure and not the reverse. My questions prior to your booking are not designed to allow you to dictate what will happen in a session but rather to provide Me with a basic understanding of your experience, fetishes, weaknesses and limitations. I like to get to know My slave/submissive so I can enslave you more deeply. It would be quite ignorant and foolish of Me to ultimately determine how a session is to proceed without some knowledge of your previous subservient experience or lack thereof. I believe in dominance as a negotiable encounter where W/we both benefit from a trusting Mistress/slave relationship. I am fully aware of the responsibility which comes with My power and I am most conscious of your dependence on Me to protect you whilst in your vulnerable state during sessions. I greatly value the trust you place in Me and you will be treated with the compassion and self control one would expect of an accomplished dominant unlike the lackadaisical, self-indulgent motives of less desirable “Dominas”.