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Mistress Vice

$$ I will be your Vice and you will be nothing. $$

You are like a cheap doll. You are my puppet: I watch you dance, I play with you, toy with you, etc. When I've used you for every single penny that you have, into the trash you go. You are no longer of a use to me. Then, I get a new puppet and tug on his strings.

Be prepared to be my human ATM, used, controlled, manipulated and mindfucked because bitch, I'm about to be your Vice.

I am a Goddess, a Queen, everything you need to be worshipping. I like to be spoiled, so start already, pig!

This is how it works: I like being spoiled because I am a Princess. The happier I am, the happier everyone else is. My wishlists are posted for a reason, dipshit. Use them. If there is not an item posted on a link, buy me a certificate. If you find me something you think that I will definitely enjoy, send me an email and we can discuss it. I love gifts! If you’ve really made me happy with it (depending on what it is), I might even take a picture of me with it and post it. With all of this being said, shop away! Make me an exceedingly happy woman! After all, my happiness is most important.


Worship Pictures

$15.00 tribute

$25.00 tribute

$50.00 tribute

$75.00 tribute & presents

$100.00 tribute & better presents

What are you waiting for? Start Paying!!!