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Mistress Delirium

Mistress Delirium seeks willing submissives.

I am an up and coming Dominatrix in Chicago. I bought my first hand cuffs and whip at the age of 18, not really understanding what I was in for. I am now 27 and have decided to postpone my career as a professional artist to pusue my career as a professional dominatrix. I enjoy helping people open up and reveal different sides of themselves that they might not normally be in touch with. Many differnt kinds of roleplay fascinate me. I have such sights to show you. Enter my parlor said the spider to the fly......... Snap! Crack! Goes the whip and your mind as you enter the presence of Mistress Delirium. Her psyche compels you. Compels you to shed the skins of your inhibitions and be drawn into an unfamiliar domain. In this realm there are touchstones for your mind and your conciousness to rest upon. To seek shelter and salvation in. The rest is alien territory. It's a place where you can be unafraid to feel. Pleasure. Pain. It all runs through the same nervous system. Two sides of the same coin. The activities that I relish but are not limited to are the following: Animal roles, boot/shoe worship, breath control, caning, cigarette torture, cupping, degradation, domestic servitude, electtro torture, exhibitionism, femminization, fire play, flogging, foot worship, forced femminization, gags, hotwax, ice cubes, initiation rites, interogation, kidnapping, mind control, nipple torture, paddling, public humiliation, religious scenes, riding crop, rituals, scratching, sensory depravation, serving as art, serving as ashtray, serving as furniture, serving as spittoon, sissy maid training, slapping, slave training, spanking, tickling, trampling, verbal humiliation, voyeurism. Of course by phone one can't engage in those activities but, I am an expert in any kind of dominance related roleplay. Just remember who's in charge!