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Hello my name is Pear Lee I am new to this site heard from one of my girls that this was a good way to make some money so here I am.  I'm a good Girl most of the time I like to chill and relax, smoke some weed and watch American Idol (sorry white bitch won this time).  I like all sorts of guys and am open to all sorts of things I'm not a weak women by no means I put those in they place that need to be put in they place so don't fuck with me.

One of my Greatest fantasies is to have a white male slave that I can Kick the shit out of.  When I work as a secretary during the day I have so many of you mother fuckin little dick bastards come on to me with some of the lamest shit and then look at me like I'm crazy when I start talkin bad to yo dumb ass.  I only dated on white guy that was worth a shit the rest of yall got some real small cocks.  I would use that white boy to do all kinds of shit not just be my punching bag, but a total servant in every way, drive me around, clean up, pay my bills, wash my cloths clean my shoes ect... 


.I like to have lots of fun and have you pay for it.  I have guys that make sure I'm kept the way I should be and I am always looking for more that can do the same for me.  I like men that know what women want know how to take care of us and keep me happy, that's what your life should be all about any way.  I know I'm cute and sweet and it makes mens dicks hard just thinking about me my booty is soft and round yet firm and ample as you can see. I have very nice breasts If your cool with me I may send you some pics of me without my teddy.