Phone Sex

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Spoiled Bratty Princess

Pay-per-drink $ Forced intox EMAILS $

It's just another night and what are you doing, as usual...? Sitting at home getting drunk all by your lonely, pathetic self! Maybe it was fate, maybe it was my hot picture on the listing but whatever it is that got you here, give thanks. I'm going to get you drunk and take advantage of you. I'm not even going to pretend to play some silly game. I'm simply going to use your weakness to my advantage and max out your account.

So you're too drunk to dial or maybe even too wimpy to call... You hate missing out on all of the abuse but you just can't bring yourself to pick up the phone. That's fine with me because I really don't like wasting my time listening to you slur your words over the phone. Grab a drink and let's get started.


The party is at my house tonight and, once again, you are NOT invited. You won't be missing out, though. I'm right here to start a little party of our own, just you and me.

Pictures of me and my girls out partying!

My perfect ass