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Phone Sex

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Mistress Understands Sweet Sissies+What They Need

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Mistress Joy

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"Joy has a clever, creative mind coupled with a very sexy voice. Joy also has a great empathic sense: she feels out what you want, and plays with you. She's not reading from a script, and she's not bored. Easily, my best call."

"She has an innate ability to connect with you and leave you mesmerized. She really has something special about her. What an amazing presence."

"I will be calling back again, because I've NEVER felt quite like this. I almost feel too strange about it to admit it. This is real. This is good. This is wonderful."

"This damsel has, of course, the ability to carbonate one’s libido to vigorous proportions. But she offers a unique, introspective, psyche-stimulating experience as well. Highly recommended."

"You would sell your house, quit your job and crawl across glass to hear that voice. She is the most erotic mind on here."

"Mistress Joy will reach deep down into your soul, find your most hidden desires, and explore them with you. Truly one of a kind; the beau ideal of Mistresses."

"Tremendous. Knee-shaking, breath-taking woman. Knows what I want before I do."

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"She made every one of my inhibitions disappear and satisfied every one of my fantasies."

"Intelligent, insightful, spiritual, and erotic."

"Joy is so incredible words cannot describe her many talents. If you are looking for a beautiful, smart, sexy, nasty woman, look no further. Joy has me addicted...I cannot get enough of her wicked ways."

"Amazing, wonderful, sensual, nasty, sweet, dirty and imaginative all at the same time."