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Money Goddess- Click this ad & you'll owe me bitch

Age: 22

Location: Phoenix, AZ ASU Student

Short Bio: I'm a college student who loves to be in control. I always have and always will use men for thier money. I expect nothing but the best and will punish those who fail to deliver. DO NOT DISSAPOINT ME.

What I demand: I want to spend all of your money, I am the only one who deserves to spend it. I want your money when I say with no questions. I deserve to have my bills paid and my desires fulfilled. You are nothing to me. I can take control without there being a thing you can do about it. I am the center of your pathetic little world and don't you dare forgot that.

I like the finer things in life and would never consider settling for second best. Do not waste my time if you can only give 10 or 20 dollars...Do not insult me slut.

What I'll give you in return:

NOTHING of course. You idiot what did you expect? You do not deserve MY time of day unless you are willing to submit to ME. You must do whatever I desire whenever I tell you to. I am Princess Shannon or Goddess, if you dare refer to me as anything else you will be punished.

My Requirements of you: Dedication: When I say to do something you must do it with out exception. Fail me and you will be punished. I don't care if you don't want to do it. Just do it you bitch.

Honesty: I require for you to be truthful with me. One lie and you will never be allowed to talk to me again.

Loyalty: I don't want to hear that you are talking with another women. I am the only one in exsistince from this point forward. If you talk to any other Doms you will be dropped faster then your pathetic little head can comprehend.

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