Phone Sex

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I'm a 19 year old Princess who ALWAYS gets her way. See what its like to have me rape your pathetic little wallets.

Greetings slut, you WILL call me Princess. I am a true domme who demands your obediance, your worship, and most of all, your MONEY. I don't care about your pleasure, only mine.

I am a real domme who knows how to humiliate and control you. Deep down inside you know you are just a pathetic little panty-boy that wants to be used and abused, and that is why I am here. In order to talk with me you must pay a tribute up front. Only then will I decide if you are lucky enough to be one of my sluts.

Princess has many sluts, so don't think being accepted makes you special. In fact, being chosen as one of my fuck-toys simply means you have enough money to keep me happy for a while. Once your money stops, so does our interaction. However, if you think you have enough money to keep this princess happy then feel free to give me a call. In all likelyhood I will decline you regardless of the size of your tribute, and especially regardless of the size of that pathetic thing you call a dick.

For those that do become one of my money-slaves, a world of humiliation and degradation awaits. You will never be allowed to speak to me as an equal, nor will you be allowed to speak without my permission, and you shall always refer to me as Princess. Only true money-slaves with no self-respect should apply though, because I enjoy almost any kink there is and I will make you do and say things that will destroy what little self-esteem you may have. Perhaps you will become the panty-wearer you always wanted to be? Or maybe I will make you tell me of your deepest fantasies to fuck and suck a real man's cock? Or maybe I will force you to buy a dildo so I can listen to your moans as you are being fucked up the ass....

In the end it's all about MY pleasure and your money paying MY bills (after all, why have slaves if they don't pay tribute?) So don't expect to cum anytime soon if you fact you will be allowed to cum only if you please me...but that is very unlikely to happen.

If you think you are a rich enough slut to pay for the type of lifestyle that this Princess demands, then by all means give me a call. However, if you don't have TONS of cash to hand over to a dominant and demanding woman, then don't even waste my time.