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Hey there!  If you are looking for a simple country gal from Georgia, a girl who is sweet and innocent, a girl full of that Southern hospitality and charm, the kind of girl that is still a virgin at 24, saving herself for marriage....if you want a shy girl that blushes around the single men at church gatherings, a girl that only kisses after the third date, and a girl that prefers cuddling up with her man on the couch to watch a movie, or going to the lake and watching her man fish while she dips her feet in the water and flirts coyly....

If you want this lovely innocent young woman, whose family thinks is as pure and untouched as a winter snow....   then please look the fuck someplace else!!!

The girl I described above is me, Karina, but that girl is the Karina my family knows: the cute, sweet, innocent, virgin Karina that could do no wrong.  Ha ha ha.... I actually had my cherry popped at 13, and ever since, I have had cocks of many shapes and sizes thrusting into every tight hole of my body.  I LOVE cock!  Hell, I love pussy: fingering it, licking it, playing with it (mine especially).  I think the human body was made for one thing,
S - E - X, and my body does that very well.

Most of what I said at the start is true, but let me tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and if I leave anything out, you can spank me... hehehe.  I am a simple country gal, and you will think I am very much a sweetie and full of Southern hospitality when I stuff your cock in my mouth.  Church?  Yes, I go.  Just the other day I had a long skirt on and the preacher complimented me on my stylish black boots I was wearing.  Little did he know that they went all the way up to my thighs, and my panty-less pussy was dripping juices down my leg.  That was hot!  No kissing before the third date?  True, but only because at that point I need way more than kisses in my hot slit and on my hard clit.  Do I prefer cuddling up to watch a movie?  Sure, if I can watch a movie with that Jenna Jameson bitch getting fucked while I am getting boned doggy-style.  Do I like watching my date fish?  Yes, but it ends quickly when I strip and go skinny-dipping.  I look hotter than Atlanta in July when I slowly glide out of the water soaking wet, nipples swollen.  Hard, fast, carnal fucking always follows.  Do you get it yet?  I am a SLUT, but this nymph is the best you have ever had.  The fact that everyone in my family thinks I am a freaking nun just gets me hotter whenever I get to ride on a hard dick or have a long cock penetrate my ass cheeks.  Yummy! 

So call me and let me show you what I am all about.  The idea of selling my voice to make you squirt cum makes me horny as hell.  I treat my NiteFlirt fans very very well.  I love sending out my slutty pictures or writing naughty emails.  I get hot talking about my sexploits.  I keep the names of all my "victims", and there is a story tied to each name.  Wouldn't you like your name added to Karina's little black book?  I know you do, so call Karina with your hottest fantasy, and we will get started down the road of Southern Sinning!