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Mistress N

Sadistic Bitch is an Understatement

The cold metal of the cuffs bite into her wrists, her eyelids grow heavy as she stands waiting, barely breathing…. anticipating the next blow. Her tongue darts from her mouth to taste the tear that touches her lips, her own tears…the sweet, salty intoxicating taste of pain. She hears the whip rise and feels the wind just a fraction of a second before it’s leather fangs sink into her delicate flesh. Her head falls back and her body sways at the force, her mouth opens in a silent scream. Her mind surrenders to the molten burn of the whip, her body begs for more, her heart echoes a sweet surrender. She is free, she is alive … she is a masochist. By N.

Are you a masochist, desperately seeking a means of release? Do you need someone to test your limits, to push you beyond your tolerance? Do you need someone to fulfill those fantasies that you have hidden from everyone?

Call me now, and let the fantasy begin…

Never underestimate the power of a sadistic laugh and a evil mind.