Phone Sex

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Sensual Femme Domme puts you in your place.

Deep in your heart, in that dark place you try to ignore, you have a burning desire to be totally controlled and dominated, to experience the pleasure of total helplessness. It’s difficult to imagine, isn’t it my dear? To be totally submissive to a sensual and strong woman, one who demands total obedience and surrender? But you want it, need that guidance, need to please someone who appreciates all your effort.

I am Mistress Grace, and I specialize in seduction of the body and mind. I want it all, your body, your heart, and those fantasies you never dared to utter out loud. I want to take you to the very edge of sanity with my teasing. I want to hear you moan with pleasure as I show you how to make all your dreams come true by satisfying my every wish..

I will use my words to captivate you. You will be totally immersed in my world of arousal, begging to please me. Your pleasure is mine, after all. I love using men for all kinds of erotic fun, whether you want to be tied up with silk scarves as I torment you with my body, or on your knees begging to service me and follow my commands. It doesn’t matter, it will all end with you being Mine.

I especially like role-play, teasing and denial, feminization, and many other fetishes and dark pleasures as well. I am a kind Mistress, a sadistic sweetheart in fact, and you’ll find you try to please me because you adore me. My happiness will become your only purpose in life, giving you a deeper satisfaction then you ever imagined.

How a specific fantasy? Want me to do something to you in particular? Email before you call. Otherwise, I look forward to taking you under my wing, and showing you a world beyond anything you have ever dared to imagine.