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Creative and Slightly Sadistic Mistress Seeks Boy!

Deep in your soul you know who and what you are. You must, or you wouldn’t be here. You know you are meant to serve, to be teased and abused. You know you should give in to the fact that your Mistress is simply a better human being then you, and the only way you can hope to improve yourself is by obeying her every command.

Whatever training you are in need of, I will mold you into the perfect devotee, teaching you how to cater to all of my whims, forcing you to the edge of your limits and beyond. If you are looking to be my willing servant and worship at my feet, we can talk. If you need a not-so-gentle shove to be made aware of your station in life, I can do that too.

I am Mistress Grace, and you will refer to me as such at all times. Failure to do so, or to follow any of my other rules, will result in extreme and sometimes painful punishment. However, pain is nothing compared to the humiliation I will inflict upon you at every opportunity. I will call you what you really are “bitch”, “scum”, or “fool”, just to name a few. You will have to earn everything through obedient servitude with me.

My Basic Rules:
1. You will be on your knees when you call if at all possible.
2. You will beg me for the privilege of worshiping my beautiful body.
3. You will tell me at least one of your deepest, darkest fantasies, for us to explore and me to exploit.
4. You will NEVER, under any circumstances refuse my demands.
5. I am your Mistress, and I know what’s best for you. Simple, end of story, no whining or moaning about it.

Here are just a few of the purposes little “half-men” like you may serve in my life. I might make you my houseboy, to cook, clean and serve in the nude. Or you can be my maid, handling washing, ironing, and dressing me for my outings while you are wearing a frilly skirt and five inch heels. You may become simply my pet or toy, and I’ll sometimes choose to embarrass you by making you watch me with a real man who knows how to satisfy my needs. If you are into more specific or extreme forms of humiliation, then that’s fine. I love to make you feel as low as possible, and I can be playful or downright sadistic.

If there is some starting point or desired form of degradation you want, it would be in your best interest to email me first and communicate what you think you need. The ultimate decision will be mine, but we can discuss what will happen first. But once you call, you no longer are worthy of an opinion, and what I want becomes the center of your universe, and the only purpose you will serve is making me happy however you can.