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johnny truant

I need your money more than you do

Johnny Truant Sadistic Top Abuse

One of the things that you will need to realize first is that as My slaves, it is your duty to provide for Me.  This involves giving up your money because I deserve it.  The exchange of teaching and training for lucre is something that is age old, and not merely limited to this day in age.  In exchange for all of the things that a God like Me does for pathetic mutants like you it should be simple enough to understand why you owe Me everything that you are.



To truly submit a slave like you needs to be absolutely and unnervingly devoted to the idea of giving up everything to Me eventually.  This isn’t a plebian beg for money as so many other attempt.  I deserve it because at its core you know the real truth to why this is needed.  In all ways I am the superior male, and there will never be anything that can imitate that.

It has always been the way of Gods and Kings and bosses to live off of the labor and toil of those in Their service.  This congregation will be no different.  I expect nothing less than everything you are, and this is one of the first ways to prove it.  However it isn’t the only way and we’ll get to that in a moment


I grow tired of waiting degenerate… Call right - fucking - now.