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Luscious Lyndee

NF's #1 sexual fantasy facilitator

As a student in college, I remember my first day in Psych 101
and the professor saying, "open your mind!
Your mind is like a flower, just waiting to blossom!"
Well, that was years ago now, and my, how my mind has blossomed!
Along with maturity and opening my mind, has come the
ability and desire to explore things that I've never explored.
Dare I say, sex and sexual fetishes
were/have been at the top of my list.

When I was around 18 and 19, I was more of a
submissive, if you will.
Really, aren't all girls when they're just starting out
into the world of sex?
I was a "yes sir, anything you say, sir", and
"well, of course, sir" kind of gal.
I dated the "jocks" and "studs" for the most part.
I experienced a lot, but was never really satisfied.
Yeah, I gave them great hand jobs, blow jobs, and I was
a tight fuck, but something was still missing for ME!
A fuck was a fuck, and that's about it.
I swallowed many a load of cum
and though I really dug it, I always thought that I should
FEEL more excitement, exuberance, see fireworks or something?

FAST FORWARD... after several years of unsatisfying
sexual partners, and just going with the sexual flow.

Being introduced to porn was the best thing that EVER
happened to me. No, really.
I learned that it was OKAY for a lady to take charge of her man.
It was OKAY to say NO, it was admirable to be the
Dominant one and most importantly,
IT MADE ME ENJOY SEX a million times more!
A Mistress, I am not, but one that enjoys taking charge
in a more sensual manner.
YES! I am not into canes, whips, hardcore bondage or
shit like that, but I do enjoy imposing tease and denial,
blindfolds, sensual spankings, "the naughty corner"
and overall taking control of a sexual situation.
*Open your mind and insert here, lol.*

NOTHING about me is submissive these days.
I DO NOT like being called a whore, slut, bitch, etc.
This, admittedly, has caused problems for me in relationships.
Some men seem to think that a woman "enjoys"
being called these names, and while some may,
If anyone is going to be calling anyone any names,
it will be me doing the name calling, lol.
And trust me, I do enjoy using those words,
whether it be with my submissive/fem calls, or fetish calls.
Again, so there's no misunderstanding,
EVER! And again, I do not consider myself to be a Mistress,
so please do not call me and address me as
"Mistress Lyndee"! My name is simply Lyndee.
There are many outstanding Real Time Mistresses on this site
and if you'd like a referral,
I'd be more than happy to provide you a few names.

Additionally, I am a sexual fantasy facilitator by trade.
I am not a phone sex operator
as much as I am a facilitator of fantasy, and trust me,
there IS a difference.
I love "mindgasms" and I get off weaving fantasies that
leave you spewing your load from head to toe!
I AM NOT going to answer my phone moaning and panting
as if I am laying here just waiting for my phone
to ring and playing with my cunt!
That's NOT how I operate!
I am not going to lie to you and tell you
I am doing something that I am not. Period.
I will say, I do all of my calls in a quiet and very dimly lit room,
with my eyes closed, I am normally clothed in just
panties and a tank top, and I let my mind do the walking and talking.
I tend to do to myself, what I say I'm doing in the fantasy.
Example: "as you feel the rake of her nails against your skin",
I am running my nails down my arm, leg, tummy,
or any other part of my body.
If I say, "as I watch her thrusting her strap-on
into your tight fuck hole", I am normally moving my
hips back and forth emulating that action.
I am hoping this makes sense to you!!

With all of the above said, I look forward to your call,
but most importantly, to the mutual opening of minds
and exploring your sexual fantasy or fetish.
I am a hard worker and I promise that when you call me,
you are getting the REAL ME and my creative talent,
as opposed to a written script.
Scripts are for amateurs, and I've been around awhile.
Trust me when I say, I know what I am doing!
And, I am very good at what I do.
If you'd like, just take a few moments,
click on the "Feedback" tab, and see
what my clients have to say.

On that note, I look forward to chatting with you very soon!
Don't be afraid, don't be shy, just lay back and relax!

Specializing in, but not limited to: Erotic stories ~ Roleplay ~ Fantasy Phonesex ~ Fetish Phonesex ~ Forced Bisexuality ~ Feminization ~ Cuckolding ~ JOI ~ CEI ~ and SO much more!