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   Mistress Madelaine Montagne

COME OUT, COME OUT, WHEREVER YOU ARE !  You are the one who mistakenly believes no other human could understand what your desires entail, much less HELP you  LIVE them. You are convinced you cannot share your "dirty little secret" with anyone, much less with a beautiful REAL Woman. You are frightened of discovery, but are having difficulty keeping your private desires in check. You want to DO something to soothe the ache, but your fear stops you from taking that first step. You are afraid someone will discover all those big "toyz" you use for practice when you are alone. You go into that sleazy little XXX bookstore & hope you won't run into anyone you know, & sneak around between the magazine & video racks. You've gone into those dark theatres & watched & heard other little sissies going down on some nameless stranger & found yourself jealous. YOU wanted to be that lucky cocksucker, but are afraid you would be laughed at...or worse...REJECTED !   

SISSY…FAGGOT…QUEER…COCKSUCKER…you read these words and have to admit the strange mix of loathing and excitement causes you to tremble. Be brave, MY little girlie-wanna-be. Let ME work MY magic. But first you have much to learn…. to dress properly, to walk in those high heels, to apply your makeup, to polish your toenails and fingernails, to arrange your hair, to practice using those puffy little lips and tight little ass to provide pleasure…When do you start? That answer is simple….when you phone your Mistress !

1-800-863-5478 extension 0526776

I am available for private & personal telephone consultations 7 days a week. As MY personal schedule is quite busy, do not dare be offended nor take it personally if at times I am unavailable. You may arrange a mutually convenient appointment with ME. Be patient, polite, precise & politically correct. Be sure I have both responded to & confirmed your requested appointment prior to our engagement. Until then…