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preg paula

Not Pregnant Anymore but Ready for Action

Not Pregnant Anymore!

I got another mouth for you to feed!

I want you to learn what its like to be a women. You can have the pleasure of learning what it's like to be pregnant and everything you go through. I'll teach you everything I know and with me already having my fourth child. I am truly the one to teach. I now come back to you for you to grovel at my feet.

Pay tide and tributes to your new Queen, you will foot every bill and pay for everything just for the privilege of knowing you had some small part in something greater then you could ever hope to be. It should not take long for you to look at me and see why its not hard for me to find what I want in a man and why you are most likely not the man that could fulfill that need.

But I guess I will talk with you, you waste of time and let you beg and plead for the opportunity to just suck the milk from my tits. Ha-ha I like to watch you beg for things like a dog for his bone, all sad and teary eyed when you don't get what you want don't worry you will get what you need from your queen. You will get your chance to serve me.

I will be pregnant again soon this will most likely be the last time I get pregnant but I don't know yet I'm just thinking about it, for now. Anyway, to all my regular callers I am back now you can now rest easy and begin to live again as I am alright and you will soon be with me!