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did you ever have one of those days where your mind is in one place and one place only? i got this call during the night last night, and the guy was describing in detail how he would fuck my ass, starting with sliding his tongue in and out, making it nice and wet, his thumb brushing over my clit just to the point where he notices the change in my body, signifying that i am close to cumming, slipping two fingers deep into my wet cunt, teasing, tempting, making me ache for more, and then finally, at last, i feel his cock running over my juicy lips, my hips held still by his hands as i rest on my back, my legs drawn up to his shoulders, feeling soft lips caress my ankles, suddenly feeling his huge length slip into my tight little fuck hole. his strokes are long and hard, taking me to complete new levels as i feel his balls slap against my sweet little ass.

Suddenly he slides out of my cunt, moving me around like a rag doll, slamming his cock into my mouth, hot breath embracing it as i feel the head slip over the roof of my mouth, deep green eyes looking up at him, feeling him thrust deeper, i fight the urge to gag as i feel his cock at the back of my throat, then still, he slams deeper, forcing my throat to take all of him, his fingers pulling at my hair, forcing my succulent mouth to take all of him.

when i think i can stand no more, he slips my legs back over his shoulders, my juicy cunt seeming to peak out to him, inner thighs coated in cuntjuices. he rams his cock back into my cunt, fast, no warning, and yes, my body willingly takes him. his fingers are toying with my tight little ass, one finger slipping into that soft pink pucker. my hips thrust forward more as i feel both my cunt and my ass being toyed with, my body aching for release.

With no warning, he pulls out of that hot cunt, and i suddenly feel my legs lifted higher, that sweet little asshole being teased with the head of his soak and wet cock. he watches my face as he slips just that fat head into my ass, my gasp filling the entire room. a deep moan escapes me as he pushes further into my tight ass, my own juices providing the lubrication. i watch his face, seeing the concentration on his features, suddenly shocked as i feel him move completely inside my ass. the muscles relax easily for this incredible fucking, my legs pulled this way and that, my body forced to ride his cock from on my back, his fingers dipping into that little honey hole. he thrusts a bit faster now, his thumb circling my swollen clit, my body shuddering as i am over came with orgasm, my hips pumping furiously, his cock slamming in and out of my ass. feeling him grip onto my hips, holding me still, he slammed one last time into me before i felt his hot jism spill in that sweet little asshole.

all this from a call.......detailed just like that, and now, my hot little ass seems to be begging to be fucked. the toys just aren't the same.... right now, i truely need that ass spread wide with a hot cock, and then filled to the rim.

can you cum fill my tight ass up???


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