Phone Sex

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REAL,Hot ProDomme-PHD in Sex-37-23-35 107 lbs!/**

Call Me, little slave-to- be.. CALL Me New Guy around this scene, but haven't YOU Been thinking, and thinking,about fantasies related to Me, a Woman of Power, Beauty, Intelligence, compassion, strictness, FANTASIES NON STOP in MY Mind. Will YOU CALL and come join me?
Can't? Write me here and TELL ME WHY? I WANT to BE THE DOMME in Your Mind!

My Beginnings with you, the person I am SPEAKing to, is reading this, NOT just looking at pics, though I have many! --Soft Smile== A warning: I WISH TO GENTLY SLIDE MY VOICE INTO YOUR BRAIN! I DO have a Voice of Molten Gold. Do you wish to hear it? I would like to hear you too. I like the "feedback" the outcome, the magnificant machinations of men of POWER under My Gentle Direct Power--You Mistress has been waiting for you to call HER. You decide to CALL, finally. THEMistress Vixen for a VERY Intense real life experience in Bondage-Domination by aReal Dominatrix who is Fun, Sexy, Fascinating, Intelligent, VERY SKILLED,Strict and Watch for me like a Lover from Afar. and VERY Capable of Bringing you to a Fetishland you have never visited or WISH, ASK oh so nicely, and HOPE of course, that you shall love to re-visit AGAIN with Me!

Lovingly in Leather,
Mistress Vixen

Reach ME 1-800-TO-FLIRT followed by My personal extension-0513645 THEN dear soul, ADD ME to Your Favorites, so I am there when you call.

I CAN AND KNOW HOW TO Tease YOU, I DO KNOW what YOU want!-Try Me~*

My RECORDING of Foot Worship w/Me, YOUR Future Domme! Listen anytime, prove you ARE dedicated to Me!

I also am an Expert to the following fetishes, Kink desires and their expression in Kink: Leather and other kinds of Fantasies in Leather.Role-Playing-Medical, CD- Adult Fantasy, Play roles that are fun and as well as conscentual Being trained to dress-walk-Be pretty, have the best manners-Protocols, TG, TV, Sensation play, CD, Feminization, and much more with about 49 BDsm Techniques of great expertise

I also very much include Gentler forms of Domination and submission-Scarves and simple bondage with feathers, to various levels-styles in both-Oriental Shibari rope play, and testing your limits!! Are you tickle-ish? Tell me?

My ropes of Shibari-Oriental Rope are Exquisite! I LOVE CBT and other things of my choosing! Safely!

I can teach you totally AT MY COMMAND and instruction.

I understand you!
What YOU wish with in reason, Fantasy play-a particular fondness of mine.
I love crossdressers and many types of Kinky fetishes and have a devout following of Foot Fetishees.
I LOVE Stilettos, as you can see, My sweet little ones, as well as Bustiers and Corsets!

BUT, In order to get the pleasure, release and understanding you CRAVE my Darlings' ...!!
YOU HAVE TO ASK->When to Speak to Me and I will be PLEASED, you sweet little ____!! saying "Please, Mistress???" sweetly and Sincerely!!
- OR to do ANYTHING to yourself or with Me, if you are seeking me as a Mistress??Do what you feel is comfortable and pleasurable at first,just be polite.

REMEMBER, above all, this is supposed to be FUN!So please remember this is to OUR fun, it IS supposed to be fun, after all!

I appreciate your interest, but do not consult offline I have a full private dungeon and am quite busy with that.

An average call is about reasonable. IF you need to ask about this, I am compassionate to YOUR personal needs and wishes within reason! Never Lie dear, as this is the END !

Yes, I have been wonderful Real for 15 years as Professional Dominatrix with Willing ADULTS only!!

I will be checking for messages and appts. I do not schedule here, but I respond within 48+ hrs to you.

In Leather,THEMistressVixen