Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.


Cute little teenage Princess for you to spoil!

I am your Princess, your Goddess, your Queen.
From the moment you pick up that phone, you belong to ME.
For any of you losers who desire to hear MY sexy, hot, seductive voice, you will pay to talk to ME.
MY voice will seduce you, and convince you to give ME everything.
Soon you will find yourself working harder every day to earn money for ME, so you can give ME more, pay ME more.
Soon you will pay all MY bills, even if you can't afford your own.
I am all that matters.
Make sure that you keep ME happy, or I will be forced to punish you.
you will not touch your (MY) cock until I say you can, after you have pleased ME, and you are only allowed to cum when I allow it.
I know that you crave release, and perhaps I will allow it if you please ME enough.
I want your balls to ache painfully as I squeeze them between MY perfectly manicured fingertips and squeeze your dollars out of you.
your money turns ME on, makes MY panties wet, so if you are a very good boy maybe I will allow you to hear ME cum.
Even though you do not deserve it.
It is quite easy for ME to take every penny you have.
Once I get inside your head, there is no escape.
All I care about is MYSELF, I don't care about you one bit, except for your money.
Everything you have is MINE, you completely belong to ME.
you will pay ME to control you, and to laugh in your face while you give ME everything I ask for.
you crave a sexy girl like ME to laugh at you while I take everything.
So pay up.
Stop jerking off looking at MY tight sexy little body and treat ME like the Princess I am.
Get that wallet out, I need to go shopping.

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