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Hello there sweety, are you aching for a real housewife, tired of the fakes and pretenders? Does it always feel like the flirt is telling you what she thinks you want hear??? Then you need to call me, I'm a real housewife from PA, I don't lie, always honest, and personally speaking, I don't make enough money doing this to tell you what you want to hear haha.... If you truely want to speak with a real housewife, a real woman? Well... here I am. CALL! .

Diana........ a Real Housewife from Pennsylvania

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Hello I'm Diana

I've been accepting calls on Niteflirt for about 9 years and enjoyed every minute, ok well most ! HA HA HA, well... we all know not every call is a 'good' call, some men & women who use this service know squat about pleasing their partner, I mean a great sex call begins with getting to know your partner, getting into their head. Its a proven fact that sex begins in the brain. LOL Or their into freaky stuff that is not allowed on here. or the female flirt starts right out with saying how horny she is, I can only speak for myself, but I don't sit around neglicting my home or family waiting for the phone to ring, I mean don't we all have a life?

I personally don't need to fake anything about myself, I am who I am, my pictures are me, the truth is way easier to remember (if you know what I mean?) Ohhh and yes my husband knows I do this LOL, he thinks its pretty kinky and turns him on when I share some of explicit phone encounters with him in bed. But then again, we are also swingers in real life and have had many real life encounters. But thats another story. haha

If you've made it this far you probably would like to know more about me....

I just turned 48, Jan 9th, I'm 5'6, about 145 pounds, brunette/brown eyes, French & Irish decent, Curvy Natural Body, Hairy-yet trim below, Natural 38DD's (no plastic). Not too bad for a mother of 5! Thou we are empty nesters (smiles)
I'm Honest, Open, Down to earth, and most men desire that and welcome my honesty. They appreciate it as most men want to speak with someone who is as 'real as them'.

I know times are tough and most guys are looking to save a buck, as this can get expensive, so if you are a repete caller or ask me nicely, I am happy to send a few free minutes, but please be warned, if free minutes is all your after and/or you don't have any intentions on having a quality call with me, please don't ask. My time is valuable, and I'm not here to have it wasted on freebe junkies. ok? Basicly, If you take the time to know me, you might be surprised how real I am. I enjoy gardening, genealogy, cooking, taking care of my family and my home oh and sex of course hehehe. I like men who are mature, friendly, polite, those who can carry on a real conversation. And of course, men who are interested in pleasing me as much as themselves. :-)

I'm not into pushy or ignorant men who assume this is my job or that I work for them because I answered the phone.

Believe it or not, I actually pay NF a fee to accept your call.
I am only saying this because so many guys have the wrong impression about women and this site. Please don't think less of me because I have an account here, and I won't think less of you, ok?

We're both here to have some quality adult fun!

If you'd like to call, CALL ! If not-- no worries, I have a job & my bills are paid regardless. hahaha

Respect is also something I demand, I am a real life housewife, mother & yes, grandmother of 2 !
So- when my phone rings, its rings here at my home, please respect that !

I have many responsibilities (like you). With my work schedule & family, my time here can be limited, SOOOOOOO if it says "AVAILABLE" and you want to call. CALL ! If not, no worries, just add me to your favorites for later.

Kissess, Diana

***phone only does NOT include live cam***

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