Phone Sex

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We both know why you're here... you are nothing but a spineless little wimp, and I am that gorgeous Goddess that you live to serve.

I'm that beautiful girl that you see at the clubs, you know... the one that wouldn't give you the time of day, had you the nerve to dare approach me. I'm the cheerleader that you asked to the prom, but I laughed in your face... silly boy... don't you know that I would never be seen with a worthless geek like you? I'm the girl at the gym that you lust after, while I just laugh at that little wimp that's trying to bench 20 pounds to impress me. I'm every girl that you ever wanted, but you could never have because you just aren't good enough.

So, you pay, and pay... just to spend one more minute in My presence.

you die inside everytime I laugh at your pathetic attempts to impress me, you get that extra job just so you can buy those pretty little trinkets that I so richly deserve. you are addicted to the pain and pleasure that my voice causes you. Silly little boy... you'll never have Me, you can only pay and pay for another minute of my time.