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Mistress Jess

Share your Nasty, HOT and Fun Fantasies With Me!

Lifestyle and Professional Dominatrix


All people have certain sexual fantasies and dreams that they want to explore at least once or just talk about. One of the things I enjoy the most, is learning about people and what makes them tick. Some fantasies I find interesting and fun, some I will not, but will enjoy understanding why it turns you on and talking to you about it.


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Ideally I am looking to establish a relationship with you. Knowing you and your Role Playing interests, fantasies and fetishes will allow me to have more enjoyable conversations with you. My hope is that I will be your outlet and your fantasies will include me. If you are not looking to establish a relationship, I am happy to discuss your fantasies or anything else. Lets Talk Soon!

Bottom: Someone would likes to be used as a plaything or submissive for a set period of time, like a play scene, participating in a defined activity.

Submissive: Has decided to submit to a Domme on a continuing basis. Through negotiation with their Dominatrix, rights and limits have been determined and can be re-negotiated at anytime by either party.

Slave: Hopefully through developing trust with their Dominatrix, a submissive has decided to give themselves completely over to their Domme. The Domme will determine the rights and limits of the slave, no negotiation.

Property: Is a slave who has given real control over to their Owner making them dependent to their Owner. This control can only be reliquested by the Owner.