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Hardcore Erotic Fetishes with Ruby

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If you are not familiar with this fantasy, I am only too happy to explain it as it is one of my new favorites! To help you understand the appeal first think about your interest in the female form and how fun it is to explore. Now imagine being so small that it would take an entire night just to get a feel for the outside - maybe even a week depending on your size. You could be a mile from me based on your size, but still be completely overwhelmed by the aroma of my skin. I think that in some ways this fetish is particularly appealing to men who love women with curves. Imagine the dip in a woman’s waist at that size or resting in the soft cushion of a gigantic breast. As lovers of this fetish know, there is much more to it than the issue of size. Most giantess fantasies are about a loss of control on the tiny man's part because of the unbelievable physical superiority of the giantess. Whether the power exchange is playful or wicked, it is always a good time! As far as I'm concerned, the fantasy possibilities are endless with this fetish and I cannot imagine the day when it might become boring to me!

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