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Thats not a dick! ...Shameful..... Pitiful

You should be ashamed of yourself. Don't even show that little tiny teeny weeny flap of skin to me again, its NOT a dick, its barely even a pimple!

we both KNOW no woman on earth wants to even see what you have in your pants, let alone TOUCH IT. You don't even have a bulge in your speedos! WE all laugh at you, and not behind your back, but to your face. I have never seen anything as small as what you are pretending is your cock. I have seen bigger clits on woman! So don't even think about trying to impress me.

You will never please a woman with that. I am sure it is too short to even stroke yourself. I know you have thought about taking pills or using suction to stretch it, but don't bother. Not even a miracle will help you. Put on a pair of panties, you might as well. You look more like a girl than a boy! HA HA HA HA girlygirl,,,,

I know you sneak peaks at the men in the lockeroom with REAL BIG cocks, you stare at those big dicks in the porn movies. You love how the big heads and long shafts turn on women, and you KNOW you are inadequate, deformed, substandard. You KNOW your cock is pathetic, and you are NOT a man because of it.

Call ME. I need a good laugh.

Empress Andrea

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