Phone Sex

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To have power over a man is what I struggle for. A man to give up his entire control to such a young and pretty girl like me is what turns me on. Give up everything you have and give it to me. Make sure my every want need and desire is what matters FIRST in your life.

Yes, I am a sweet snotty bitchy dominatrix but I do NOT hve the power to read minds. You will need to tell me some of the things that you enjoy and I will let you know if I find you worthy enough of enjoying them or doing other things that I ENJOY.

Some of the things I love are:

Tease & Denial, mmmmm I absolutely strive for making a man be in MISSERY before I allow them to cum. When you choose a tease and denial session with you you must be ready to WAIT. I will tease you until there is no more teasing to be done then I will THINK about letting you cum. HA HA HA YOU WISH BEG FOR MERCY

I adore training my sissy boys and teaching them how to be the perfect LITTLE GIRL. I definitly enjoy making you go shopping and buy EVERYTHING to become such a pretty little girl. Sending you to Dillards or another good EXPENSIVE department store and making you buy an ENTIRE line of make up then sending you off to Victoria Secrets and making you call me from both stores and have you telling the saes clerks you are buying these things to show off for your PRINCESS.

Blackmail! OH HOW I LOVE TO BLACKMAIL.. Am I going to rat you out? Are you going to be a good boy? I suggest you be ready for alot of financial domination as well as being 100% HONEST.. I'M GREEDY I'M BITCHY AND I GET WHAT I WANT WHEN I WANT IT.. so be READY

Bondage I like to stick nipple clamps on you and make you suffer, I LOVE putting cock rings on you and making you get SOOOOO hard it throbs so bad you CRY like a little sissyboy.. the SISSYBOY you are.

You know I am what you want and you know you are what I want.. You are going to pick up the phone and call me.. RIGHT NOW aren't you? **giggle** YOU BETTER