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2 Tiny 2 Please A Woman? Poor Disadvantaged Male

Don't Be Fooled Or Misled By A Cheap Imitation. Expect And
Accept Nothing Less Than Integrity, Experience And Class...
There Is Simply No Substitute
Experience The Honor Of Serving A Demanding Yet Affectionate Goddess,
Of Pleasing Me, Of Being One Of My Very Special Chosen Pets
I Will Remind You That Your Entire Existence Will Revolve Around Me,
That Your Gender As A Whole Would Have A Minimal Chance If It Were
Not For The Superior Woman
As An Experienced Lifestyle Goddess, I Regularly Surround Myself With
Those That Adore Worshiping At The Feet Of An Exquisitely Feminine,
Intelligent And Articulate Woman
Understand That I Only Accept The Most Exceptional,
The Most Sincere Fetishists For Exploration In My Queendom.
If Chosen, I Will Use Your Body And Your Mind To My Delight. You Will Be
Taught To Serve In The Manner In Which I Am Accustomed. You Will Perfect The
Art Of Worship In Whatever Form I Choose. You Will Amuse And Inspire Me. If You
Cannot Perform To My Satisfaction I Will Put You Up For Sale To The Highest Bidder!
Once Chosen, My Very Special Pets Can Expect To Experience
A Variety Of Adventures... Some Might Be Included Below...
One, Maybe Two, Or Perhaps All Of Them Are Waiting For You...
It's Possible That Other Delights Are Waiting As Well…
That, My Darling Pet, Will Depend On My Mood
Pain Sluts And Piggies
I Sooo Enjoy A True Pain Pig
Foot And Leg Worship
Have You Seen These Delicious Feet
Smoking Aficionados
Be My Human Ashtray
Tickling And Long Fingernails
Let’s Not Forget Scratching Too
Extreme CBT
Got Clothespins??? Why Not? Get Them Now!
Ultimate Masochism
This Is Going To Hurt You A Lot More Than It Will Me
What IS She Actually Capable Of
Dildo Worship
I Prefer A Nice Thick 8 Inches, And You Will
Too! Yes Boys, Size Definitely Matters
Mental Masturbation
Your Mind Won’t Be The Only Thing I Fuck
Orgasm Deprivation
How Many Times A Day Did You Jerk Off BEFORE Me?
Naughty Boy Discipline
Just Wait Till We Get Home Young Man
I’ll Give You Something To Whine About
Cuckold Discipline
Clean Up Duty Awaits You
Transgender Training…Forced Or Otherwise
You WILL Learn What It’s Like To Have A Pussy
Stiletto Care And Boot Worship
Put That Tongue To Use
Housebreaking Playful Puppies
Special Puppies Get Special Treats
Obedience Training For Misbehaving Dogs
Enlightening Males With Unacceptable
Attitudes And Authority Issues

Can You Spell OTK? Goddess Loves Tears
Specialized Re-Training Of Males That Previously
Could Not Accept Or Realize Their Place

Goddess Thoroughly Enjoys Breaking A Strong Man
I Expect You To Be Polite, Respectful And Fully Prepared At All Times...
Don't Keep Me Waiting pet, I'm NOT A Patient Woman!
Extension 0465541
What Is Momentary Pleasure Worth To You???
I Am Generally Available Weekday Evenings
And Throughout The Weekends.

If You Would Like To Arrange A Special Time To Spend With Me, Send A Proper Request And I Will Try To Arrange My Schedule To Fit Your Needs
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