Phone Sex

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Gifted Guidance
Hypnosis, ESP, Clairvoyance, Micro-Pk
WARNING! The mind is a powerful tool and is not to be taken lightly. What I perform is Mind Control. you WILL make tributes, and you will Gift Me without hesitation or complaint. I am here for you to serve moneywhore, and you WILL see to it that My every need is met quickly!!! I am not to be held responsible for any misfortunes that may occur in your personal life as a result of O/our contact nor am I creating a "hype" so that you will choose Me over the others. I simply want you to understand what WILL occur when you contact Me. I will be in your head, I will haunt your dreams, and you will not be satisfied unless you have seen to MY needs first and foremost.
My Particular Brand of Kink
My particular brand of kink is Financial Domination. I am going to take control of your personal finances and you will relax in the knowledge that a fully capable Black Supremist is handling your money for you. Doen't it feel good to let go for a change? Let go and let it happen slave, succumb to My will. Life is challenging, but if you believe in your Mistress' powers your stress ends here.
I want to play with you NOW toy. you are ordered to pick up the phone and call me, NOW! Learn what the others already know about Me. you'll see why they can't help but to keep coming back, keep SERVING Me, keep LOVING Me.
Come to Me with an open mind and I will return My you
Upon initial contribution you can EXPECT attention from Me, where-as other Domina's make no guarantee of contact. I, on the other hand, like to play with My toys. I will use and abuse you as often as you can stand it, lil piggybank. I will mind-fuck you into a submission that is unreal and trance-like. You're friends would laugh and taunt you if they knew the things you're about to do for Me slut. Crawl, beg, bark...HA HA HA! you amuse Me plaything! I have reduced you to a living breathing wallet and nothing more. Leave your reality at the door and step into mine.
Pleasing Me pleases you. Come to Me with an open mind, KNEELING & NUDE and I will return My you