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Mistress Paula

Transgender Mistress Seeking Men & Subbies!

When I was a young I slipped into my older sisters silky panties and I knew that’s exactly where I belong. My young cock got so hard, instantly! I just loved the feel of them and when I got older I would often sneak into my sisters bedroom and “borrow” her clothes. I had convinced my parents that I needed a lock on my bedroom door for privacy and they obliged. Having that locked door was the greatest. I sneaked my sister’s undies, dresses and my mother’s make up into my room and allowed the little girl in me to express herself. Of course, the trick was to get into the bathroom without being noticed to wash off the lipstick. But, before long my sister caught me and my secret was out. I use to wear my sister’s panties, whenever I could steal a pair, to high school. Except for a few “real” girl friends I was alone much of the time and of course, gym classes were very tough on me. I had such a “HARD” time in the locker room. My first love affair was with a very cute boy in high school. That was the first time I actually sucked on a nice hard cock. The better I got at it, the more my “boy friend” wanted to see me. I loved it! It would drive me so crazy to have this beautiful stiff, hard cock in my mouth. I loved the feel of it filling my mouth and thrusting deep into my throat, it was so exhilarating. It made me so hot, I was melting in my panties. I loved going into the woods after school with him. I remember the first time he came and I swallowed him. The blast of salty cum was so delicious to me. I just couldn’t help myself and just sucked every drop which drove my “boy friend” crazy. He screamed in delight and then laugh uncontrollability as I continued sucking and he begged me to stop, saying, “it tickled.”. To this day I just can’t stop sucking off a cock after the cum, I need to swallow and suck my man into ecstasy. Soon my “boy friend” brought along another “boy friend”. I loved doing them both, it was so wonderful for me, As one friend brought another friend, I ended up sucking five cocks almost every day. I sucked, licked the tip, teased with my tongue and swallowed all of them, I really loved it. But, by now the word was all over school. I got expelled and went to live with my aunt in another State to finish high school. I was sent to a psychiatrist for treatment. Yes, I ended up sucking him off to. He really looked forward to my office visits. He was the first to suggest I was transgendered. I didn’t know what that meant, but I said, “If you mean, I want to be a girl instead of a boy, I’m one of them!” Would you just love a woman with something extra. My seven inch cock might be just the thing of interest for you. Have you ever fantasized about having a relationship with a ‘Chick with a Dick.” When a man gets my panties wet, my cock gets very hard. Would you love to suck and play with my female organ which happens to be a seven inch hard cock? Do you have a submissive female side that needs tending to. Call me, let’s explore this wonderful and special area of your sexuality. I’ll tell you a secret, I love to have a submissive man suck on my cock, on demand! There is something special seeing me with my tits hanging out of my blouse, my nylon stocking, panties parted and a hard throbbing cock sticking out. What a sexy sight! Oh, I love to help train other male pussy to perform for cock. And believe me, who better can teach that than slutty whore nymph Paula…. Talk to me! After having my breast implants, I wanted so much to have a man who would just love to cuddle, hug and exchange tender wonderful soft kisses with me. I love soft music in the background, under the very subdued lighting of my bedroom. I love these romantic moments. A man who knows how to treat a transgendered nymphomaniac like me and who can spend time driving me sexual crazy. I would go out of my mind when he sucks on my tits. Oh, how, I love that feeling. I get so tingly all over my body. Are you that type? Ummmmm, call me please! Or are you the type that wants to get a quick lay or blow job from a nymph whore slut like me? Such rough and fast men get me so hot, I think of those as the type who just pull up in a car and have me get in and lean across the front seat and take that hard rod right down my throat. Is that you? As an adult, I learned to train my pussy and of course, I practice safe sex. But I have developed such a wonderful pussy. A considerable number of men have told me I am the VERY best piece of ass they have EVER had. They tell me, I’m a “GREAT fuck.” and that my pussy is “just perfect, tight and it feels so good” The only problem I have with my pussy is they cum so fast. I can’t tell you how incredible it feels to have a man on top with his very HARD stiff cock deep inside, pounding away at my pussy and when he cums, oh, how wonderful it is to have him squeeze my ass with one hand and reach around and grab my tit with the other. Oh, I get so wet and hot thinking about it! Would you want to fuck me? I have such an insatiable sexual appetite. I think about having sex all the time. Call and cum with me!