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Hi I am Roxy. Heres a little about me, such a nice girl talking about such dirty things with men I have never even met, gets me excited just thinking about it.

In high school my friends and I would call free chat lines and play on the phone. We would listen to the men callers talking so dirty while playing with their cocks and we would giggle together. When I was alone without my friends I would call back, I was shocked by how dirty I could talk and how much I liked it. Sometimes I would do exactly what they told me to do and other times I would order them around and these grown men would do anything I told them to do. I loved the way my whole body would begin to tingle, especially between my legs. I was learning all kinds of stuff from these male callers, I started fingering myself then tasting my wet fingers, one caller talked me into sliding my vibrating toothbrush up my ass while massaging my clit and that led to my first orgasm. I could feel the cum spraying out of my pussy on to my hand and I yelled out loud enough that I worried someone in the house may have heard me. I hung up the phone fast but I did not sleep that night at all.

Now I am a little older and engaged to a great guy. My fiance has a really good job, he is on his way up in a big company that one day he will be running. I get to travel with him all over the place. I really enjoy being with him and the traveling is also fun but I miss my friends and family and get really lonely sometimes. I also don't think he would understand how much I like sex. I know he is not a virgin but he is happy that I am. He thinks I am such a classy girl and said he would never marry any of the slutty girls he has dated. There is no way I could ever tell him about my dirty dark side. He also pays for everything for me, I have to ask every time I want to buy something like I am a little kid...I really hate that. I know he would get me what ever I want if I pushed, but a lot of the time he says " Roxy baby you don't really need any more stuff" or "what happen to the shopping allowance I gave you?" I wish I could be more independent and not have to answer to him all the time. I would like to be able to make my own money.

One of my secret fantasies is getting paid for sex, being a high priced sophisticated call girl or stripping in front of a room full of horny men. I could not really do any of this without getting caught, but I could have as many phone sex partners as I want. On the phone I can play out every dirty thought in my mind and in yours. I can cum over and over again while making men that I have never even met cum with me.

You can tell me anything, I want to hear it all and do it all. If you see me on niteflirt it means I am ready for you, hope you are ready for me!

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