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Bring your wallet and serve the Mistress.

Kakoimono's Domain

Cherry blossom lips
Leather clad goddess of bliss
I am your slave boy

She opened the door. "Come in. Now." His fingers shook as he closed it behind him. Her scent was alluring, apple blossoms and the slightest hint of leather oil. Her skirt and top did not creak or twist, so tight were they against her body. He took in the room, soft manacles on the wall flanked by metal ones by the bed... His cock hardened against his leg. "Leave your money on the table. The whole wallet. I will decide what you get to keep." He obeyed.

Her fingers ran along the white wall as she paced past him, going to a low table by the four poster bed. Black and white paper screens stood in one corner by the table, and pictures lined the walls. Men and women tied up or tied down, their legs or arms splayed wide and submissive. He swallowed hard as he looked at them. She turned and smiled at him. "You will be owned just as they are, and you will pay for the privaledge."

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