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Madame Money

Madame Money Will Mind-Fuck You Out of Your Ca$h!

$lovenly Money $laveling$...Your $tupid Prayers Are Answered!

Madame Money is here!


Are you looking for a REAL Mistress who really understands your need to be stripped of your cash and satisfy your deepest desires?

Will you put Me first? Above all else?

Will you serve Me like a devoted slaveling?


Get out of that chair, get on your knees and pay homage to Me. Submit to Me!

you are here because you simply have no self-control. you can't help it. Many men are tranfixed by My beauty. After all, you men are simple creatures - built for My domination. Built to submit to Me. I am the BEST you'll find. I have been ordering half-wit men around since I was a teenager.

you see, I know all about your nervous, little hands...your shallow breath as you read - imagining the Spoiled, Greedy Snob behind these words. You WANT to please Me - to give to Me. You WANT to serve and be ruined, exploited and humilated. My laughter breaks you down and makes you spend more and more. you are personal My addict to do with as I please.

I will NOT be denied, while you work and work to keep up with my insatiable lifestyle. you are my little laborer, maintaining My Skyscraper Financial Empire.

you are My little puppet and you deserve to pay. In order for me to even consider listening to your pathetic, whiny voice - to even hope for the honor of My attention and My favor, you will have to pay!

Do you yearn to be my #1 loser? My whipping post? This is your only way to show your complete and utter devotion to the Queen of Vanity. Your panty-boy words are worthless. Show Me. And when I am displeased, you will no longer be of service and will be replaced by another whipping boy.

I can and will drain your wallet - slowly. After all, I can't rape you again if you are totally broke. How pathetic, how sad. I already own you.

There are two ways to worship me:

  1. Madame Money Taxes: This is an on-going tribute to Me. It gives you favor in My eyes and ensures that you will have continued access to Me - as I can cut you off anytime I see fit. If you are a good boy and wish to pay a tax, send an email to Me and I will send you the Tax Request Form. Slaves who seek My approval pay their Madame Money Taxes.
  2. Madame Money Calls: You can call me and I will dimish your soul. I will cut you down at will, then hang-up and go shopping. However, you must not waste my time on My calls - only devoted, mindless slaves should call. Time wasters will be severly punished without a second thought.

Here is what other slaves have to say:

"What she does can be done by no other. I'm a record label exec and I spent money out of my corporate expense account to keep Her!"

"Madame is a mind-blower. You'll wonder where the fuck the time went."

"A real Domme and a money hungry Princess. I met my wife too soon!"

"I'm a corrections officer and my hands were shaking from the beginning. Nasty and a total mind fuck expert!"

"Oh, shit! Madame...I don't have money to pay my car note..."

Cheap-ass fuckers who are now BLOCKED:

fatwallet21, piggyboy, 278, sincere sub (Robert)

Add your name to the fucking list! Penny pinchers are CUT-OFF and outed!



Call now you money funnel! Your $$$$ is MINE.