Phone Sex

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I will be making choices for you, humiliating you, and for that, you'll GET ON YOUR KNEES AND WORSHIP ME.
UNCOUNTABLE women here on Niteflirt create a listing because the paycheck looks good, NOT because they GET why financial domination can be SEXUAL, BEAUTIFUL, AND EMPOWERING! And for the most part, the women that do this have no understanding of what financial domination is all about! While I DO deserve everything I desire, I desire to HUMILIATE YOU, and to have POWER over you the most!

You will be my own personal puppet - longing to be played with, only to be thrown in the toy box when I get bored. Men like you want me to pull their strings, because they haven't been played with in so long. They NEED me in complete control, or else they don't function, much like a string puppet. Believe me, you WILL be strung up.

I am here for my own pleasure, not for yours - don't be mistaken. I do not need you. I could care less about your financial status, or who you are. You need me. I enjoy being in complete control, and worshipped by you. I take extreme pride and pleasure in what I do, and find it immensely fun. I am a very high maintenence, intelligent young lady. I expect the finest treatment, and the highest amount of respect. You will provide me with anything I request, whether it be a GIFT, or completion of a task, or you will be shut out. Or, if you attempt an assignment, and perform in an unsatisfactory manner, you will feel how much power I can unleash on your inadequate person.

Calling me is your first step in aquiring the fulfillment of your need for my domination. It is up to you to make the first move.

If you are looking for something less intense than what I am offering, then I implore you to contact another one of the women here on NiteFlirt. Please do not waste my time, as it is a valuable, and I don't have patience for those not willing to submit in entirety. I do not deserve to be kept waiting. Someone looking to apply must be truly devoted to me. I have the ability to control you in ways you have no comprehension of - but you have to want it before I give you permission to recieve it.

Are you ready to be enslaved?

Domination can be beautiful. Let me show you how.

You will BEG.
to keep me in my privileged lifestyle.

Get not your friends by bare compliments, but by giving them sensible tokens of your love - Socrates