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Nasty Jillian

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about Cuckolding my boyfriend....

Trevor and I seem like the "perfect" couple. He is a tall, good looking, upwardly mobile stockbroker. He manages to get his lanky body, into a snappy compact sports car, and never stops lavishing me with gifts and presents. Sometimes I think that is because he knows, that he does not satisfy me in bed. I mean, you can't help looking twice, when Trevor walks into a room, but gosh, when he drops his drawers, he is less then a man, at least in my eyes.

I remember the disappointment the first night we made love. We had gone to a fancy restaurant, Trevor, had brought me over flowers, and we had the best wine with dinner. The candlelight and romance was more then a girl could ask for. I was as anxious as he was, to come home and "do it." Trevor brought me back to his swanky bachelor pad, and dimmed the lights, turned on the music, and kissed me. He took my pretty little hand and pushed it between his legs. We were both fully dressed, and that is when I realized he had very little there. I unzipped his trousers, only to find a 4 inch penis, that did little to excite my libido. In fact, once he took it out, I began to laugh. I don't know if it was the wine, or what. But I just could not stop. I had never had sex with a tiny weenie, and I certainly did not want to start now. When Trevor saw my reaction, his face became beet red. The redder his face became, the more I laughed, and the more ridiculous it all seemed to me. I told him, that he was never going to put that little dick in my pussy.

Trevor did not know what to do or say. I also found it more amusing, that the more I ridiculed him, the harder his little woodie got. He sat on the edge of the bed, realizing that it was hopeless, and that I really did not want to have sex with him, that is when he offered to take me to the Bahamas on the next holiday weekend. Going with a great guy to an island, is not the worse thing in the world, and with my high stress job, as a computer analyst, I could definitely use the rest. I did not know what to do at that very moment. One thing I did know, was that I was going to have to do something to smooth over the evening we were having.

I got up and pulled my panties down, from under my short little black dress, I turned around, leaned over and told Trevor he could lick my ass and masturbate, I would lie on my tummy and watch TV while he did so.

Trevor, seemed a little reluctant at first, but once I got comfy with my pretty little ass propped up on the bed, he seemed to get further aroused. He got on the bed, between my legs and started to lick my ass like a puppy. I could hear him pounding his "little meat" and even moaning a bit. He came on my ass -- which was not part of the deal, I was so annoyed I made him lick it up. So there you have it, my first experience of turning my gorgeous boyfriend into a submissive slut. Now we have all sorts of fun games, I use my strap on, on him, I like to have him wear my panties, I have him perform on my girlfriends, they all enjoy laughing at him, and last but not least, I get to have sex with "Real Men." Guys with big dicks that really satisfy this "Cuckold Princess."

Oh yes.. and don't let me forget to tell you, I really enjoyed the Bahamas. If you would like to hear more about me and my cuck boyfriend, Be sure to call me!

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