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Once you've called my Ca$h Cock Cum$hot Line and found you're ready for something more INTENSE, you can call this line and experience a truly exquisite level of financial domination. But you'll have to spend before you spurt. Make sure you have one hand on your dick and one hand on your wallet when you call.

Now, we can play more than one way. The easiest is to use pay-to-view emails while we talk or you can just send me tributes. LOTS of them. Keep clicking and make Me happy enough to consider letting you spew that spunk. Or if you call and can't start sending big chunks of money immediately, then I start raising the rate per minute while you're on the line. This is one of my favorite games and the way to go if you're away from your computer.

Here's how it works: whatever rate you see listed at the time is where we'll start that day, and the lowest it will be. Oh, and it WILL GO UP. Expect it. If you're foolish enough to call with a case of HDD (hard dick desperation), I will take advantage of it and jack up the rate just as hard and fast as you jack that rod. And who knows when I'll suddenly hang up and force you to call back at the next rate.

I know what things work on a guy, and when he hears the new rate that he has to pay when he calls back, it just makes that cock even harder and that nut sack even fuller with hot, sticky jizz. That lovely electronic voice proclaiming "you have one minute remaining" that you guys hear when you're almost out of money? My favorite part!!! That's when I know I've got you by the balls. It's a total money/cum rush for both of us.

How long will I keep draining your piggy bank before I let you cum? That is, IF I let you cum. Stay on the line long enough and I may consider it. But I have been known to reward guys that spend a few hundred dollars on a call. If I do decide to let you cum, I promise it'll be one massive explosion, and the more you spend, the bigger the cum shot. Because raise-the-rate calls make you guys have huge, monster loads. And it's amazing how having your account drained ultra-fast makes that cum super thick. Don't you want to experience that for yourself? Oh, and spend at least $999 in one day and you'll experience the biggest fucking bang you've ever had.

Load up those balls with cum and load up that account with money. You'll be begging me to take both!


Got a big wallet and big load?
Fast Financial Fucking Line!
Call now -
1-800-863-5478 ext. 0414002
"Financial Domination isn't a pay TO view game, it's a lifestyle" - Jessica
$Whatever I determine per minute$

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