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It has recently come to my attention that some of you need to have a WARDEN in your life. An individual charged with special supervisory or enforcement duties. A person to report in to, somebody with a strong personality and a gentle but firm mental hand that can help keep you from making mistakes in your personal and possibly, professional life. As the Warden, I take my duties very seriously. One of the ways in which I help keep you in line is by providing you with a safe haven in which to discuss your darkest desire, deepest sin, and hidden fantasy. As Keeper of your Secrets, you can be assured that I won't blackmail you, turn this into a game of financial domination that you cannot recover from or hold emotions for ransom. Yes, there is a fee for my services but in the long run, it is miniscule compared to the overall cost of letting your secrets out to the wrong person. I know from personal experience, secrets that we hold inside can escape at the most inopportune time, forcing us to deal with the consequences when we least expect it or are equipped to handle. Prisoners in my care, are required to reveal the crimes and sins that they have committed or are contemplating. Whether it be a sin of adulterous fantasy or a sin of forbidden sex, this and other activities should be confessed to the Warden. There are rules to follow. There are tasks to be completed. Failure to do so will result in the following TAG added to your file: P.A.L. or Pervert At Large. The first step is to call for the rules. Be sure you have a pencil and paper as you will be given a number in which you can reach the Warden direct. Many of you have flirted with "Financial Domination and Servitude" and some of you have crossed that line and come to regret it. This is NOT one of those services. However, I will expect generosity from time to time but only of your choosing. Unless of course you break a rule then there will be hell to pay.