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Money is Power, My Power, Power over you....

Somewhere along the way we've learned that money is power, but sometimes, even with all that money, you've come to experience a feeling of shame and worthlessness, like you don't really deserve it..and I'm here to exploit that humiliate you and make you grovel for more of My power over you. You'll be surprised to discover that you want to give Me more and more of your power, for your power is money. And as you give more and more of your power to Me you will be amazed at how good it makes you feel. That adreneline rush you'll experience when you are listening to My Voice will attach you completely to Me. I'll make you feel so excited about your worthless, shameful self that you'll come running back for more from Me, again and again and again. There is nothing hotter than a powerful woman, like Me, who has nothing but total contempt for you. What's even more fun for Me is that the more you do for Me, the more filled with contempt for you I will become. Nothing you do will ever please Me, nothing you do will ever be enough, but you will come crawling back to hear My evil wicked laugh again and again and again...My soft sexy hypnotic Voice is so easy to listen to....that you will have no choice but to be tongue lashed by Me again and again and again...No choice but to earn My humuliation by giving in to Me.