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Hypno-Wallet Control...HA! HA! Losers!

I snicker greedily into the phone and I say, "What a fucking loser you are. You pathetic cash machine!" You answer, "Yes, I am nothing, my cock and money belong to you," as you fall instantly into a trance. I programmed you with the trigger words days ago so you will automatically be my blackmail slave and money slave bitch. You are mine now.

Yes. That’s it. Now fall deep...into my spell. And dig deep into your pockets and give me your Visa, Mastercard, (and my favorite) Titanium American Express. All of your money is mine, don't make me blackmail you bitch pansy girl!

Yes. That’s it. Fall even deeper...

You can't help it!
Pay me Goddess tributes now! Give me the codes to your online banking account

I will put you in a trance and delve deep into your psyche.

Are you proud of being a sniveling puppet to
sensually dominant woman and having given all your money to me you don't even have money for lunch at work, let alone enough money to buy a stick of gum?
Is there a little girl hidden within your manhood, and you can't help paying a first class bitch?
Are you sexually inadequate around powerful women?
Are you a pathetic little cock sucker?

Look into my eyes and get swept away.

My eyes like a hawk will penetrate into your soul.

You can’t resist the sound of my hypnotizing voice.
Don’t even try.

You are under my spell as you escape into the place where
I put images into your mind.


My thoughts become your thoughts and I am in control.

How does it feel to yield to the power of my subliminal suggestions?


Hypnosis is a deep meditative state where through words and soothing music
I explore many subjects.

These trances are very deep and consuming, so
don’t expect a short phone call.
Most sessions last at least 30 minutes or more as we search your
treasure chest of hidden desires. It usually lasts longer for your first session, especially if you have never been hypnotized.
It takes time to release what you have inside.

Expect soothing music playing in the background while my hypnotic,
soothing voice puts you in a trance.

If by chance I am not available, you can listen to my Recorded Hypno Listing!
"Hypnotized Into a Kitty And Lick Me Like Milk "


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