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April Lyn


April Lyn

Hello losers. You're probably accustomed to being ignored and denied by pretty girls, but here you get the honor and privilege of PAYING to be IGNORED. I'll laugh at what a loser you are when you call, and if you don't entertain Me, you get to hear the sound of Me setting My phone on the table and walking away ... you can kneel there and wait for Me to come back to the phone. Call now lets see how I ignore you.

The best part is, while you're kneeling there waiting and thinking of something humiliating to do to amuse Me, I'll still be using your wallet as the minutes keep adding up. And I expect you to stay on the phone, even if I'm not, until your account runs dry. Doesn't that sound fun loser? It does to ME! Entertain Me Loser Or Pay To Be Ignored

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