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Smart Bi-Curious Boy Needs an Older Man

Thank you for reading my profile! It’s always good to meet someone new. I’m a smart , slender, attractive, thoughtful twenty-one year old who just graduated from an Ivy League school with a useless literature degree. Poor me! Now I’m struggling to make it in the world, waiting tables in the morning and working in a coffee shop at night. I’m working on the Great American Novel, snatching up whatever free time I can to work on my passion. But guys, you know how it goes: I just can’t pay the bills! Well, recently a friend of mine told me about talking to older gentlemen on the phone for some extra cash, and at first I was turned off. I don’t even like men, and besides, I’d never stoop to something like that! Me? A sex worker?! I mean come on, my parents have lots of money, I have a degree from a prestigious school. There’s no reason I need to do something like that. Follow your dream, as they say, and the world will provide. But then reality began to sink in: if I’m going to afford to live in New York, I need to find some extra income, and maybe this was the world’s way of allowing me to channel my creativity into a new business venture. When I tried it out for the first time the guy on the other end of the line was so sweet to me, I just couldn‘t help but find him a little cute. He was in his forties, a business executive with a wife and three children. Nobody knew about his gay fantasies except the boys he talked to on the internet. I felt so happy to make him come! The funny thing is, after a while I started to wonder if maybe I oughta try it with a guy. I mean, everyone in high school teased me for being effeminate. I was into dance and music and books…you know how it goes! They always give the sensitive guy a hard time. I’ve always gotten a lot of attention from girls and have had quite a few hotties in my time. But you know, something was always missing! It was like having sex was all about them, and I was just there to make them feel good. When would I finally get mine? I even asked my girlfriend to put on a strap-on once and fuck me in the ass, but she wasn’t really into it. I’ve gotta be clear with you: I’m really not gay. I mean, I’ve gotten head from a couple of guys (why is it gay men are so much better at that than chics?), and I like it when a girl puts a finger in my ass. But that does not a homosexual make, right? And so what, I like to talk dirty to guys on the phone for money. I’m just doing it for the cash. Not everyone believes me, though. There are guys out there who think they can “convert“ me. Whatever! No man’s ever gonna put his thing in my ass…at least I don’t think so. Let’s put it this way: you’d have to be pretty darn special for me to give my ass to you. It’s so fucking sensitive! I don’t know how gay guys even do it. Every time I put my girlfriend’s vibrator up there I have to be really gentle with myself. Maybe there’s a secret to it that I just don’t know about. Oh sure, I know what your thinking. Well, think away. And give me a call! Who knows, maybe you’ll be the one to finally break my will… No sadists, please. Everything else is fine!