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Juicy Julie

Student looking for a TEACHER!

I am just a little country girl with a big dream transplanted totally by choice from Sand Point, Idaho in the big city of Seattle. I attend Cornish College of the Performing Arts and I am a sophomore and boy oh howdy let me tell you my Freshmen year here was eye opening and exciting for me. I got my nickname “Juicy” Julie the first night that I arrived in Seattle. My roommate and best friend brought me to a party somewhere in the Queen Anne area I think and it was the true beginning of my education. We entered the house and it was oddly quiet. Our host opened a room for us and ushered us inside. I was a bit confused as there where piles and piles of clothes there sort of like back home when the church was having a yard sale...but let me tell you this was no church function and this for sure was no yard sale. I stood stunned as I turned and watched my friend AND our host taking off their clothes. I have to admit that I really watched our host…he was fine and buff and at that time made me blush as I watched him side his jeans off his cute ass. Both of them stepped forward after they were naked and proceeded to encourage me to take off mine. I feebly protested at first but then finally gave into peer pressure and to curiosity and soon my clothing joined the piles in the room. Then our host walked over and opened another door, it was dark inside and he pushed us in, me with a pat to my naked back side. I could not see my friend it was so dark in the room and I stood waiting for my eyes to adjust to the darkness when I heard my friend squeal and then I felt someone grab my ankle and pull. It was only a small tug really but my feet slipped out from under me and in a moment I was on the floor surrounded by many naked bodies all oily and writhing against one another on the floor. It was called a touch party and it was popular last year in my crowd. They would totally empty a room of furniture and line the floor and up the walls with thick black plastic then a few gallons of oil is poured on the plastic. Shut of the lights and add a few naked bodies and you have everything you could ever need for hours of wonderfully sexy fun!!! As many hands reached for my “virgin” young body and I began to hear the moans of ecstasy that I could not hear upon first entering the room I began to enjoy the feel of the hands roaming over my body. It was the most naughty thing I had ever done and I bet you can’t guess how I earned my nickname. LOL That was then and this is now….and I have had many exciting sensual adventures since then here in Seattle…I would love to share my adventures with you and perhaps let you even hear why I have my nick name. But to do that you will have to call me. So why don’t you…..just call me and we will have some fun.
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