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Mistress Jada

Young Gal to ruin older men's lives(married A+)

Hi and welcome to my page, I'm JADA

I'm 19 years old, a sophomore in college. I'm very shy around people my age.
I have however discovered the power my sweet tight pussy has over older man and I can't help the thought of these old pigs jerking off thinking of me, from making my white cotton panties all ........shhhhh.......
Its just that.... it made me wanna tease them more...
That's the reason why I got a sexy Tatoo of tropical fish on my right thigh...
I love to let them get a peak at it under my short skirts, and have them drewl like the pigs they are..!!

They don't think that I notice, but I see how man look at me
I feel like the little Red Riding Hood
One thing I know for sure, they do not look at me the same way when my mom and dad are in the room, or worst their wives .

Sweet girl aint I......Wanna know more ???

Well I see you made it this far, I guess YOU ARE an OLD PERVERT.
Are you starting to get naughty ideas about the little girl that I'm??
Of course you are!!

I know that in my little tight pussy lays the power to take control over someones life and I really enjoy and tend to abuse of that power!
Call me NOW and if you can prove your obediance you will be rewarded ........or else I might be a naughty little girl and tell on you , YOU PERVERT!.
So listen up dirty old man: You better do as you are told or I just might say something to someone about you!!!!!
Who do you think they're gonna believe ???
Have your dildo ready! I will use you and make you my ultimate sissy whore , and you will not be allowed to pop until you beg and show complete obediance to your
Princess mistress!!!
Don't keep your goddess waiting old pig!




You wanna be fucked by a sweet little princess???
Listen to my recording where I make you my sissy doll, fuck your pussy-ass and control your masturbation!
Brake free from the lie that your life is and become my pussy slave!
Once you follow the instructions in the recording, Confess your darkest sins to me and give me absolute power over your pathetic existence!!
Listen up!


Tell me all your secrets NOW!!
I promise I won't tell....

Want to buy my silence? want my attention?
Spoil your Mistress Princess...
At least when I'm busy shopping I'm not thinking about telling what an old dirty little sissy you are!!

Spoil me NOW!!

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