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Victoria Lane

Hollywood Goddess - Using Manflesh Any Way I Want

Mistress Victoria Lane of Hollywood, California

Lifestyle Pro Domme, Fetish Model, & Performance Artist

Mistress Victoria Lane is an experienced Domina in professional and lifestyle domination. With years of experimenting and BDSM play under Her belt, She has a firm grip on what drives a person to explore the darker side of fantasy and sexuality as well as the deep need to serve. She enjoys upscale, dark psycho play that ranges from sensual to violently sadistic. She does not engage in sex acts with subs and will not tolerate being thought of as a sex toy by those confused about the BDSM culture. Those fetishes or BDSM activities She enjoys include but are not limited to:

Foot worship, shoe worship, leg worship, stocking fetish, stocking/nylon bondage, foot smothering, trampling, tease & denial, spanking, OTK, caning, CBT, NT, slapping, verbal humiliation, sissification, financial slavery, Finishing School & Miss Manners training for sissies/T-girls, intricate bondage, mummification, chastity training, extreme chastity, domestic training, Roleplay- ( School Teacher, Boss/CEO), human ashtray, cigarette tracing & torture, spitting, sensory deprivation, as well EXTREME fetish play including interrogation, and medieval torture.

Be prepared to be utterly laid bare beneath Her perceptive poking into your feeble mind. She knows how to reach in and get what She wants from you so as to ensure your total compliance. Her intuition is frighteningly acute and works in masterful concert with Her unquenchable sadism.

All levels of experience are acceptable. If you are new to the BDSM world, be prepared to answer a number of questions. Service, fetish exploration, and discussions about kink are appropriate.

*NOTE* - This is not phone sex. This is BDSM/fetish play by an industry professional. You are calling a Dominatrix not an escort. There is no catering to your needs to be had here. If you are prepared to explore your submissiveness or fetish tendencies with respect and deference to a Goddess, you may proceed. Be prepared to entertain or be of use. Without input on your part, there is nothing to build upon. Further, your desires are secondary to Mine. If our interests do not match up in the end, have the maturity to handle it like an adult. Chemistry isn't compulsory nor a given - it's a special connection.

Mistress Victoria Lane is a Pro Domme in Los Angeles with years of experience in the scene. She can be found all over the internet, on various fetish sites as well as appears at fetish events all over the US not to mention as a guest on Pervert Radio and The History Channel. Mistress Victoria also works as a fetish model and a burlesque dancer/performance artist as well as in mainstream Hollywood productions. Mistress Victoria Lane practices lifestyle BDSM in real time and occasionally selects to accept phone calls for the use of manflesh as it so pleases her. A woman of sophistication and refinement with a Victorian sense of wit and Machiavellian sense of sadism, she demands only the best of everyone who comes into contact with her as that is what she produces.

Mistress Victoria is also a widely published writer focusing on everything from fetish/female power to mainstream social issues and culture.

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Warning: If you cannot speak in clear English at a volume that can be heard, DO NOT CALL. You are wasting My time.

For sessions with a webcam, see other listings. If you are a money slave and wish to be drained, send an email with your agonizing pleasure - prepare to be raped in a slow, torturous fashion or as swiftly as a blink of the eye.

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