Phone Sex

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Meet Annie from Down Under!
G`Day Stud!

Meet Mistress Annie

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Foot and shoe fetishist?
You may prefer my other listing.
Ask Annie, if you'd like to see
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You are a submissive and I WILL dominate you. This is what you want, or you wouldn't be here.

You WILL bow to my will or suffer the consequences.

I will reward you for good behaviour.  It's all up to you.

Masturbation, without permission,results in my displeasure & punishment WILL ensue.

Don't EVER call me Annie OR Ma'am - you don't have that right - it's

You WILL be MY fuck-toy, and you WILL please ME.

I will USE YOU wherever and whenever I want to.

I will PUNISH or REWARD you for any reason that pleases ME.