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Asian Mistress Madelyne's Happiness

Dearest Slimbag, What makes you think to dare disturb me? To intrupt whatever it may be that I am doing at the moment (which is surely much more interesting than anything you do). Yes, you weasle your way threw life. But really darling is there any reason? Not much I'm sure. I, being the wonderful wonderful woman that I am, have chosen to make myself avilable for little rats just like yourself. Why in the world would someone like me, beautiful, young, intelligent, vibrant, and interesting, waste my precious time on someone like you? Someone surely repulsive to look at, idiotic, and born without any semblance to a spine! Well you silly worm, the answer should be clear! Lets see, your good looks? Mabe you cunning wit? No,no, it must be your sexual magnatisim! Ha! No little man, it is your money. The only thing you have to offer that might be worth anything to a woman like me. What else are you going to do with it? Buy another stupid car that doesn't really suit a slimball like you. Some more suits that still don't disguise your disgusting body? No. You can now put it to better use, making my life better, in essence, my happiness. Isn't that noble of you?