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Feisty Little Becca

Suck and Lick these beautiful little toes.

Just what about my feet makes you salivate like a hungry dog? Is it the soft skin that graces these perfect arches? Is it the expertly pedicured toes that drive your lust? Perhaps it’s the respect my feet command when slipped into the smartest of high heels that entices you?

OH yes, I understand you my pet. I am aware of your intense longing to gaze at the object of your desire. I appreciate a man who knows his place --- at my feet. I possess a perfect size 7 that are oh so expertly attached my gorgeous legs; you will believe I am descended from a Greek goddess. And if you are smart, you shall treat me as one. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to hold one in your hand, softly caressing it as I playfully sip a Chablis. If you prove most worthy, I may grant you the honor of placing that inferior tongue of yours on my soles.

Does your Goddess deserve anything less? Can you imagine what these feet go through in a day of high heels? I think you can. Regardless of whether my feet are shower fresh or sweaty from a long day of shopping, you will worship them at my command. What could be better than having a little pliable man like you suck clean the sweat between my toes? Just for a little amusement, I will have you lick the soles of my Prada’s as a little appetizer. Then as you delace the strappy high heeled sandals, you can scoop of the sweat with your hands. You will then proceed to wipe it on your face and neck --- a perfect new cologne for you.

When I finish my wine, I may let you bathe them for me. Can you imagine the feeling of my beautiful feet while you lather them in a water basin? Picture yourself liberally applying some lovely peppermint lotion as I purr in contentment.

So boys, are you going to live the fantasy by yourself, or do you think you have what it takes to approach me? My wit, my feminine beauty, and most importantly my FEET are waiting…