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Wicked Blonde Princess

Selfish Bratty Princess Wants Your Money

Princess, Female Supremacist, Goddess, Mistress, Humiliatrix Extrodinairre, Your Dream & Nightmare. Wouldn't you love to spoil a woman only to be humiliated and treated like the pig that you are? Pay for my dates with real men? Make you dress up like a sissy and invite my girlfriends over to laugh at you? Slaves are here to serve so pay up boys! I have always loved watching men lose thier dignity and bankroll. This line is for the most pathetic losers. Go into credit debt for a worthy cause...ME! I already have it all but still want wants yours. Call to feel your credit card burn!

Don't think when you call I am going to provide your pathetic ass with a service. I could be chewing popcorn in your ear and drinking coffee, wathing, tv, laying out in my yard tanning, painting my nails or just in the mood to hear one of you clowns talk about how great I am while the minutes clock up and go cha ching for me!!! I may even put the phone down and just let you talk to yourself. haha I don't care! If your lucky I may be in the mood to laugh at you and talk to you until you bore me... then you don't hang up until I give permission! If you can't handle the cost of the call I don't want to talk to you anyway. I am above you, don't expect some role play bullshit when you call, you will get only the real me, I won't cater to your pathetic fantasies! haha Call you miserable worthess losers. I want to laugh at your stupid ass. Maybe if your lucky one of my friends will be here to laugh at you too. Oink, piggy!