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Shannon McKellen

You've Been Bad! Mistress Shannon will punish you!

I enjoy making men into little pussy bitches and being at my beck and call while I sit back and make you treat me like the Goddess that I am.

Get on your knees boy! My house is a little dirty. I want you to scrub my kitchen floor until your knees are raw. I will call you every name in the book, taking out all my daily frustrations on you. I will insult you, make you beg for my approval.

I will humiliate you and treat you like the piece of crap that you are. I will get off on making you suffer. I will demand nothing but total servitute and drain you until there is nothing left.

I will be the meanest, bitchiest Mistress you have ever encountered. I will treat you how *I* like and you should expect nothing more than I dish out. You have NO idea how terrible I can be to wusses like you.

I do not have a "schedule" on Keen. Goddesses do not prescribe to silly little things like time schedules. If you want the honour of speaking with this Mistress, you have to EARN it, you have to REQUEST it, and when you request an appointment with me and I grace you with an approval, you better be there or suffer the consequences. My minimum time for a call is 15 minutes, less than that, don't waste my time. I like to take my time degrading my victims; slow and torturous.