Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

If you are looking to jack off while some woman makes fun of your
"eensy weensy" dick - please, don't call me here.
There is a special "VERBAL ABUSE HOTLINE" for those who need this.

For Verbal Abuse ONLY

If you need to serve - and long to live in obedience - to be a slave and to be controlled and trained - I understand the deepest longings of your soul.

I am a 38 year old Domme with 9 years experience as a Pro Domme , and a previous 6 years spent as a sub. I am caring, sincere, and VERY strict - and I am in it not only for the sexual gratification, but for the spiritual growth and personal satisfaction this lifestyle brings me.

I will fuck your ass. I will fuck your mouth. I WILL fuck your mind. And I will teach you to be a better man.

This call is simply a part of your application process. I will not waste my time or yours if we are not compatable. I will expect you, if I accept you into my service, to spend a great deal of your time, energy and resources - physical, spiritual, and financial - on serving me. Therefore, I have a very stingent selection process.

    Do you want this?
    • You WILL truly desire to serve and obey - and to find freedom in slavery.
    • You WILL be willing to take it in the ass.
    • You WILL be willing to eat your own cum.
    • You WILLhave, or be willing to learn, self control. Once I own you - your cum belongs to me.
    • You WILL be willing to take orders, and obey me - outside of our phone and email appointments.
    • You WILL like pain - or be willing to endure it. Make no mistake. I WILL hurt you. CBT/T, Self flagellation, Bondage, wearing a buttplug for hours on end, jerking off with ICYHOT or hot pepper - I will not permanantly damage you - but I WILL hurt you.

This is how it works: Find a toy around the house that will both tell me everything I need to know about you - and will amuse me. Use your imagination.

Pull your cock out and get it hard, BEFORE you call me (and you will NEVER call me with a soft cock)

And get ready to tell me what you want. If you DON'T know what you want - DON'T FUCKING CALL ME!

IF I find you suitable, you will recieve instructions via your email. You will open it, and you will follow those instructions. IF I am happy with how well you've obeyed me, we will begin. You will have regular appointments with me, and you will have daily and weekly assignments to fulfill. I will OWN your ass - and you will be happier and more fulfilled than you have ever been in your entire life.