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: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

I am not your typical Domme. All I need to I control you is my sexy voice and sweet way. I won't need to force you to serve me, you'll serve me simply because you want to make me happy.  Pleasing me will be all you care about.

I love to have power over a man. It's what turns me on more than anything else. When a man truly wants to give me complete control because he's totally committed to me it does things to me like, well, like nothing else. And I'm sure that after just one call with me that will be you! Your only desire will be to make me happy, to do whatever I ask no matter what it is.

But remember, the first thing you must do to make me happy is to tell me what you're interested in. I may be a Domme, I may be sweet and seductive, I may have a voice that will make you melt...But I am not a mind reader! If you don't give me an idea of what your fantasy or fetish is then neither of us will have much fun with our call. Being coy is my job! Yours is to be straightforward with me so that I don't have to waste my time (and your money) trying to pry your fantasy out of you. Nothing will annoy this Domme more than a guy who expects me to guess what it is he's into.

Some of the things I love are:

  • Tease & Denial, mmmmm I do so love controlling when and IF you get to cum. Nothing makes me hotter than making you squirm and beg for release *giggle* But be warned, I'm also a keyholder, so if absolute chastity is your thing you're in for a long, torturous ride!

  • I adore training my sissy boys and teaching them how to pick out the perfect outfit. Starting with a sweet pair of frilly panties and continuing until you've become the perfect slut. It's especially fun when I send you out shopping and have you call me from Victoria's Secret so I can tell the salesgirl what a sweet little sissy you really are. And what I'll have you do once I get you dressed up for me is a sissy's dream cum true!

  • Blackmail! Will I tell or won't I? Will I post those shameful pictures all over the internet or not? It all depends on what it's worth to you for me to keep your secrets. Be prepared for lots of paid mail, or better yet, call my Financial Domination line!

  • Bondage and light discipline. Do you crave to be tied up and then subjected to tickling or nipple clamps or maybe a little candle wax? Don't let my whip scare you, it'll only hurt a little *giggle*

  • Forced Bi is another hot one for me. There's nothing sweeter than watching you work your way up from my smallest dildo to my big, fat 10". Once you're able to take it all then I'll know you're ready for the real thing! Can you say "Glory Hole"? *lol*

  • Cuckold's can be a Domme's best friend! Watch me me get ready for my date. Help me get into my newest, sexiest outfit but make sure you never actually touch my perfect body! I know you'll love sliding my thigh high's up my legs since it's as close to my pussy as you're going to get. At least until after it's been filled with loads of hot cum from real men *laugh* Sometimes this Domme loves to spread her legs wide and be a wanton slut, just not for you *LOL*

  • Strap-On sluts can be so much fun. I love to see your eyes get wide when you see the size of the dildo that I snap into my harness. Sure, I've got smaller ones, but why would I use them on you? *laugh*

Like I have said before I am not the Typical Domme. I am a sweet, sensual Domme who you will desire so badly that you will do every little thing I ask. So give me a call and let me take control. And remember, 5 star ratings and good feedback will be rewarded *s*
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[I am NOT into severe pain or extreme humiliation so please don't ask. If you're looking for a truly mean and hurtful Domme then check the listings, there are plenty of them on Keen. I'm just not one of them. Callers looking for this kind of domination who leave bad feedback when I don't give it to them will be permanently blocked!]
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